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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



· Vendor must have adequate child care while at an event. Children of age may be present for events but must be supervised by a parent or guardian. 

· Vendor must keep area clean and presentable.

· Vending area is to be left as it was prior to occupancy. Vendor must dispose of trash prior to leaving the event. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. 

· Do not leave booths unattended. Staria, LLC is not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged merchandise at any event. 

· No animals will be permitted at any indoor event. This does not apply to service animals. Animals at any outdoor event must be on a leash. Owner is responsible for picking up after the animal. Staria, LLC is not responsible for incidents involving pets at any event. This will be the sole responsibility of the pet  owner.

· Early takedowns are not permitted unless authorized by Staria, LLC Unauthorized early takedowns will result in permanent expulsion from future events. 

· Advertising for events is permitted and welcomed. Only approved materials may be dispersed for marketing purposes. Approval for marketing can be submitted to Staria, LLC by email at Please allow 48 hours for response.

· Altering Staria, LLC flyers/marketing materials in any way is strictly prohibited. 

· Staria, LLC may choose to allow vendors of the same company at an event. If your company does not allow for more than one representative of the same company at the same event, you must submit to us a copy of your company’s rules and regulations for review. 

· Vendors staff must be clothed and groomed in a clean and neat fashion and must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Staff will be considered a reflection of the company for which they represent and as such the vendor shall be held responsible for any actions taken by staff. 

· If the event is canceled or the date is modified after the vendor has applied and paid any applicable fees, accommodations will be made to refund fees if vendor is not able to attend make up event. Please know that this may not be at the fault of Staria, LLC. 

· Vendors who have paid for a booth and are unable to attend the event are allowed to substitute with a vendor of the same company or foundation. No refunds will be given for vendors who are not able to attend event after payment of vendor fee. 

· Matters of conflict must be brought to the attention of  Staria, LLC in a discreet manner. Please E-mail ( or please message Staria, LLC directly ( Any grievance brought to public attention without first contacting a partner is in direct violation of terms and will result in the expulsion of any future events. No refunds will be granted for violation of this rule and you will be notified of your expulsion by email. Any future retaliation is considered slander and will also not be tolerated. 

· Photos and videos will be taken at all events and may be used for marketing purposes. You agree to allow us to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all photos taken of yourself. These photos will be used for promotional materials including, but not limited to: newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, annual reports, websites, and social networking.

· Staria, LLC makes no claims and assumes no responsibilities for the amount of sales or success of its exhibitors. Exhibitor is solely responsible for meeting its/his/her obligations at the event. 

· All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

(Any returned checks are subject to a $50 return fee)

· It is the vendors responsibility to obtain any permits necessary for sale of goods (if applicable). 

· Vendor insurance is strongly recommended. 


FEES: $75 (Non-Refundable).  

PLACEMENT: Food trucks may be placed 30 minutes prior to the event at the discretion of Staria, LLC welcome crew.  

HOURS: Food Trucks are responsible for maintaining adequate staffing at all times between the time the event starts and ends. Food Trucks may elect to open as early as 30 minutes prior to event starting BUT AFTER inspections are completed. 


SANITATION: Area surrounding Food Truck, must be kept clean at all times by the Food Truck Vendor. Trash containers will be provided. All food trucks must meet the State of Ohio Retail Food Code.  


DAILY SALES: Food Trucks are responsible for maintaining a Daily Report used to report gross sales during the event.    

SIGNS: Food Truck Vendors will provide their own signage that must be professional in appearance. All Food Trucks must post the name, address and telephone number of the owner, operator, permittee or business. This shall be legible and clearly visible to all guests.     

INSURANCE: Staria, LLC or Delaware County Fairgrounds assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the Food Truck, its property, employees or guests. Each Food Truck Vendor must supply individual Property & Liability Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance naming Staria, LLC and Delaware County Fairgrounds as “additional insured” must be received one week prior to the event. Liability coverage should be $1,000,000.00. If your insurance information is not received, you may not vend with us. >>> 

FIRE/FIRST AID: Each Food Truck must have an approved fire extinguisher and first aid kit in the truck at all times.    


CHANGE: Cash drawers will be set up by the Food Truck. Change will not be available from Staria, LLC.  Vendor is urged to allow credit/debit transactions if able. 

ALCOHOL: No alcoholic beverages may be sold, served, or consumed while on the premises of the Delaware Fair Grounds.    


STAFF: Smoking is not allowed in the food preparation or service areas. No eating while on duty. Staff must be neat and clean, preferably in recognizable clothing, i.e. matching t-shirts or jackets.     

MENU: Food Truck Vendor will provide Staria, LLC with a full menu and prices for approval 1 week prior to the event.    


SALES TAX: It is the responsibility of the Food Truck Vendor to collect all sales tax and account for it. Each vendor should possess its own State Board Sellers Permit or maintain proper documentation showing proof that appropriate sales tax has been paid on the purchases.   


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be made ONE WEEK PRIOR to the event . No refunds will be made.